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Friday, 10 April 2015

Manic Min Pins' Border Collie Interpretation

Luckily for all of us, Manic Min Pin always calls off. But you cannot possibly imagine just how many times this dog has given me full blown, chest clutching angina...  The horses pay her NO. Mind. At all. Much to her great disappointment.


  1. Ha ha! "Full blown, chest clutching angina" is such a funny way of putting it. What is fascinating is that the horses came out clear, but the Min Pin is a blur, which is testament to how fast they move.

  2. Believe me, no one is more impressed than I am when I get a good picture! Whenever a photo turns out great, it's sheer luck, no skill involved, just a 10 year old point & shoot Olympus pocket camera. But yeah, I love this shot too!

  3. your horses are lovely. I've only met 2 min pins in my life but they were all big dogs in small packages and had no self-confidence issues.

  4. Hi Teresa,
    They are 50 pounds of fast & furious in a 10 pound sack, it's true.
    Manic gives us all fits... last night my husband came in swearing that she is "all brave & no damn brains" -- he is not wrong. She'd gone charging off into the night & Mr Shoes (who thought Manic had been eaten by coyotes) was out in 160 acres of pasture with a flashlight looking for the bloody scrap of doggie-teeshirt that he presumed would be all that he would find of her.
    Manic gives us as many grey hair as our son ever did.


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