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Sunday, 17 May 2015

How to Get FAT in a Hurry

Okay, let me just say, this is not an instructional post on how to expand your waistline; I think I can
pretty safely assume that nobody wants that. 
Fat Bottom Farm Flowers Soap Bar
Today I'm want to talk about The Fat Bottom Farm & the wonderful woman who runs it, Marilyn. No, not the dirty jobs FBF... I'm talking about the original FBF & Marilyn doesn't just go around letting hunky TV personalities handle any FBF titties - Google it, if you must, but you might want to avoid the word 'titties' in your search & don't say that I didn't warn you. 
(*Aside: Mike can come to the 4Shoes & shovel horseshit anytime he likes; because I'm totally cool like that. Are you listening Mike?)
Fat Bottom Lip Fix
Marilyn was one of my first ever friends on the internet, way back in another lifetime when she was on husband #6 - well, technically only #5  because she married the one guy twice &, hey, who hasn't been there, am I right? The word 'interesting' doesn't hardly even begin to describe my girl! She is a loving mother & Granny, she is vivacious & she is hilarious, she is a talented website creator, she is a successful business woman, & she is one of the most notorious pranksters I've ever come across.
(*Just trust me on this, I have been the target & she has burned me but good!
Fat Bottom Rag Rugs
Marilyn is also a talented Crafter of almost anything - when something catches her interest she will pull the trigger on that new idea like nobody's business! She makes the creamiest, non-dairy, cold processed soap bars that are naturally scented with flowers & herbs & stuff direct from the farm like lavendar, juniper, & honey to name just a few! This woman is so talented I could never say enough good things about her if I talked all day & all night.
(*Judi, not the time to take a cheap shot at me,hee hee, this is Marilyn's moment here.)
Fat Bottom Beanies
Soap is not the only thing that Marilyn makes & sells in her Fat Bottom Farm Etsy Shop. Oh no. She also makes a silky Lip Fix available in Strawberry or Melon that will take you from chapped & miserable to thoroughly kissable in no time; old timey rag rugs that will delight your tootsies like the ones scattered around your Gramma's house; & wonderful crocheted items that run the gamut from simple washrags to the most adorable baby beanies! I plan to try to talk her into adding crocheted fly veils for the horses to her shop in the near future. Oops, she's just reading about that now... How about it Marilyn?
I can send you a pattern & I have 4 gorgeous steeds who will model for carrots...  You know, I am just saying.
Wyatt's Jewellery Design

Marilyn has also passed on her natural talents to her son, Wyatt, who is a gifted artisan in his own right, makes the most wonderful jewellery, & who has his own Etsy shop... 
 But this post is about getting FAT, so that will just have to wait for another day.


  1. Oh Mannnn! I think I'm blushing, thanks for the love BFF! (Blog Friends Forever ;)


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