“Become dust - & they will throw thee in the air; Become stone - & they will throw thee on glass." Muhammad Iqbal *Beyond the bushes, boiling with dust, is 4Shoes West boundary road.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

All Hail!

June 27th Hailstorm @ the 4Shoes (Even the small stones were huge)!


  1. It did indeed - I was severely pelted in the head while trying to get those darned nags to come out of the open & into the barn!!

  2. You trumped us! I actually never saw my horses during hail, but a neighbour told me that they were very calm and seek shelter under the big trees.
    I like the boots :-)

  3. Hi Sabine,
    It was funny, they were clearly upset & circling & I could SEE them jump when they were hit. I felt positive they could hear me hollering at them, they weren't that far away, but they wouldn't come in for love nor money so I finally gave up on them & took shelter for myself!


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