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Monday, 4 January 2016

Alberta Is Horse Country

At the west end of Hanna, AB, a traveler stops in at the Canada Grey lounge to enjoy some bar snacks and beer.  Suddenly Prime Minister Trudeau appears on the TV.  The man gazes at the large screen for a minute & says in no uncertain terms, 
Justin Trudeau is a horse’s ass.”   
Out of nowhere, a local guy jumps-up, punches him in the kisser hard enough to knock him off the stool & angrily stomps out the bar.
The man gets up, slowly rubs his cheek & orders a new mug of beer.  All of a sudden Justin’s mother appears on the TV screen, bragging-up her son’s recent success. The man pounds the bar and yells, 

 “Margaret Trudeau is a horse’s ass, too.”  
 Suddenly another local is standing next to him, punches the other side of his face & knocks him on the floor, again.
When he climbs back on the stool, he asks the bartender, 

“I take it this must be Trudeau country.”
“Nope,” replies the bartender, “…horse country.” 

*As a misplaced Albertan & a proud Canadian, I reserve the right to laugh my ass off. You are free to join me; don't worry, both Justin & Margaret have the thick skins of lifetime politicians.


  1. Funny! Love it! I'll have to reuse it and substitute US politicians.

    1. All politician ultimately being the same, the joke works for any of them. ;-)

  2. I probably know the cowboy that said that in the "Loose Goose" as we call it.


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