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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Year of the Monkey? Buckbuck, BUCK off!

According to the Chinese calendar, 2016 is the Year of the Monkey. But the 4Shoes runs on the Canadian calendar &, in our little corner of the Great White North,  it is the Year of the Chicken. We have been making plans for building a coop since quite a while back; this is my (likely somewhat skewed, but enthusiastic), original vision:
Happy Chickens set up inside the barnyard, next to the Porker Palace. *Notice the almost lifelike chickens I have drawn?
Since my original vision has been nixed by Mr. Shoes as impractical & poorly placed, I've had to  rethink. Mr. Shoes vision has the chickens housed in slightly less upscale quarters & placed back behind the hayshed (seen here in the background) with a long run that would encompass the compost pile. Since he's the one wielding the hammer, he gets a pretty big say in all manners related to building. More on that later this Spring; in the meantime, I've been researching coops & came upon a design I would never have come up with!

Despite the obvious desecration of a HORSE trailer that could have been refurbished to it's intended function (shout out to Can I Have a Pony's fabulous & complete trailer restoration), the truth is that I think this ChickenLady (who rents her place) is rather ingenious to have created a portable coop that she can haul along to her next place. I thought you might also like to have a little peek at her truly sacrilegious inventive creation.


  1. Well, that is crazy and creative. I understand very well the power the hammer wielder has. Many projects have had to be redone around my house because of that very thing. ;)

    1. Bwahahahahaha! I'm sure that was said with love. Bwahaha!


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