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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

April Fool's Three-Peat

April Fool's Day jocularity generally ends at noon on the 1st, but there is occasionally a prankster who doesn't know when to call it quits. Evidently, Mother Nature is one of those who feels that her pranks ought to carry on & on until we appreciate her brilliance...
Kick it off with high intensity sunbeams; Manic sunbathes @ the foot of my bed, waiting on the porch boards to heat up.
The 'Fooler Spring' stage: Lots of sad brown grass, still half asleep, little in the way of green but we are HOPEful.
Are you kidding me? Here we snow again...
Flakes piling up in a hurry. Mother Nature does not mind laughing alone.
At this point, her sides must be killing her.
 That bitch.


  1. Here was snow again...funny...but also so, so sad! We are enjoying sunshine and green grass, so I'm sure you're not far behind.

    1. I keep thinking it must be so, but starting to feel like Charlie Brown to MN's Lucy...

  2. I'm interested in how people perceive the weather where they are, because I want to know that it is not all in my imagination that the cold climates are getting colder and the hot climates are getting hotter.

    1. Then I'm sorry to disappoint you Nuz, but our last 3 winters have been relatively milder temperatures with occasional snaps of bitterness.
      This contrasts what I would call a 'normal' winter for this region in which we could have daily snowfall throughout the season & long stretches of bitter cold with few, very brief periods of relief.
      Our summers the last few years have also been very pleasant... temps hovering around 30ish celcius (86F) & (the last 2 years in particular) shorter & less intense biting insect activity with long Autumns. A 'normal' summer is in the high 30's C (90's F) with frequent, intense weather patterns (like tornado activity), super high humidity, & bugs so thick you have to retreat to the house.
      I realize we've actually been very lucky the last few years (even though I'm complaining about this 'stop & start' Spring), boy I hope we get another summer like the last one!

      I think that the Earth has always moved through cyclical changes that we cannot appreciate within our lifetimes, just because our time on Earth is too short to do so without relying on additional data. I'm sure early Man sat around campfires & talked about how much colder it used to be. The weather is a topic that holds endless fascination.

  3. Yikes...keep it, I'd like a two inch rain...warm rain.

    1. Warm rain... oh that sounds very nice. *sigh*


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