“Become dust - & they will throw thee in the air; Become stone - & they will throw thee on glass." Muhammad Iqbal *Beyond the bushes, boiling with dust, is 4Shoes West boundary road.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Garden Horse

Some people have Gnomes in their garden... I'd rather have a horsey.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Baby Bunny Video

MJ's litter is 14 days old now & each of them are redefining the word "cute". Sorry for the low light in the videos - the Sugar Shack has a lot of old oaks around the bunny room, which keeps the whole old house cool in the summertime but (even with the light tuned on) not great lighting for photos.
MJ herself has been a very good mother &, while she has been protective of her kittens, she has still been quiet enough to handle & does not worry much now when I scoop out the little ones for a quick  check over.
This next video shows MJ happily snacking while I poke around the hutch & take some pictures.
Floki has taken being a father quite in stride; because he is an agreeable fellow, oftentimes I allow him to hop around loose while I tend the hutches. He often like to hop into the bin underneath the spot MJ has chosen for the kits & reaches out to sniff at them from below - it's kind of funny.
This video is Floki; when I call him I make a little clicky noise that he hears all the time, but today (maybe because I was sitting on the couch taking pictures instead of close to him?) he found the noise threatening & thumped hard. If you have your volume on you should be able to hear - the second time he thumps hard again & then books it out of there like his tail's on fire. Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Love Him Snowblower Much!

Do you love your Dad 'Snowblower Much'?
Date Listed
Address Winnipeg, MB R3L0Y2
For Sale By Owner
Perfect for father's day!
How much do you love your dad? Snowblower much? Prove it.
It may be June, but this is Winnipeg - we're bound to have another blizzard any day now. Do YOU want him to shovel, and have a heart attack and DIE ???? Cuz that's what happens when you shovel.
Do something good for your dad's health. Introduce him to his new mid-life crisis (better than him showing up to dinner with a 28 yr old gf).

* the TORO 826LE Snowblower 8hp 26" , Tecumseh engine, electric start. 45ft throw distance - his neighbours won't know what hit 'em !
10 yrs old but like new
*** comes with instruction manual and spare key ***

Your pops deserves this, for all the sleepless nights he'd get up for your 4am feedings. Oh that was mom? Ok whatever, he did stuff.

Retails for .. lots. Asking $800 obo. no tax (click on photo for link to original ad)


When I saw this ad I just laughed out loud, & I thought it was worth sharing the humour. 

Happy Father's Day to my Dad, to my kids' Dad, & to all the Dads out there. 
This is your day, use it to make a wonderful memory.
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Friday, 17 June 2016

Ladyslippers & Cowboy Boots

Ladyslippers commonly grow wild here in the ditches, but they only flower for a short time & are done by summertime. When we first came here, Mr Shoes noticed how they delighted me & dug some up, which I then transplanted into my garden. Each Spring there are a few more beautiful Ladyslippers putting on a show just for me; I am still  just as delighted  to see them, & they remind me what a loving & thoughtful man I am lucky to be married to for the last 27 years.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Babies & Bleeding Hearts

Children & Mothers never truly part, Bound together by the beating of one another's heart. ~Charlotte Gray
MJ's litter of 7: Some broken blue like her & some broken sable like Floki
Siggy's litter of 8: 2 blacks, 1 white, 4 broken + 1 sable/brown

Monday, 13 June 2016

Caught in the Bathtub!

Caught by surprise in the bath tire, with nary a towel to hand (wing). Oh dear, what's a Lady to do?
Own it Sister, that's what  you do. You OWN it!
The day is fresh-washed and fair, and there is
a smell of tulips and narcissus
in the air.
The sunshine pours in at the bath-room window and
bores through the water
in the bath-tub in lathes and planes of greenish-white. It
cleaves the water
into flaws like a jewel, and cracks it to bright light.
Little spots of sunshine lie on the surface of
the water and dance, dance,
and their reflections wobble deliciously over the ceiling; a stir
of my finger
sets them whirring, reeling. I move a foot, and the planes
of light
in the water jar. I lie back and laugh, and let the green-white
the sun-flawed beryl water, flow over me. The day is
too bright to bear, the green water covers me from the too bright
I will lie here awhile and play with the water and the sun spots.
The sky is blue and high. A crow flaps
by the window, and there is
a whiff of tulips and narcissus in the air."
an excerpt from the poem "Spring Day", by Amy Lowell

Friday, 10 June 2016

Long Tall Cold One

After 5 days of mild & slightly overcast weather with scattered showers, suddenly before noon today the temperature shot up into the 30'sC (80'sF) with a bullet. There was a rather pathetic & not at all cooling breeze, so everyone here was looking for a nice cold drink. The Ladies asked for ice cubes...

This post is part of the Chicken Chicks Blog Hop where (only if you are a resident of the USA) you can go & enter for a chance to win Grubs. I am not even kidding about that. Entries close June 19th. Whether you're eligible to enter or not, CC's site is just loaded with valuable information for dabblers such as myself right through to the EXTREME CHICKEN ENTHUSIAST. 
Link ups run the gamut from chicken related to not-at-all chicken related, it's a party for everyone! So fly awkwardly (like a chicken) on over & have a little peck of something.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Lily of the Valley

Sweetest of the flowers a-blooming
In the fragrant vernal days
Is the Lily of the Valley
With its soft, retiring ways. 


Well, you chose this humble blossom
As the nurse's emblem flower,
Who grows more like her ideal
Every day and every hour.


 Like the Lily of the Valley
In her honesty and worth,
Ah, she blooms in truth and virtue
In the quiet nooks of earth. 


Tho' she stands erect in honor
When the heart of mankind bleeds,
Still she hides her own deserving
In the beauty of her deeds. 


In the silence of the darkness
Where no eye may see and know,
There her footsteps shod with mercy,
And fleet kindness come and go. 


Not amid the sounds of plaudits,
Nor before the garish day,
Does she shed her soul's sweet perfume,
Does she take her gentle way. 


But alike her ideal flower,
With its honey-laden breath,
Still her heart blooms forth its beauty
In the valley shades of death. 

Authored by Paul Laurence Dunbar, 1872-1906

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Apple Blossom Time

If an apple grows in place of each blossom, we will have a serious abundance of fruit; there will be no shortage of pies & cider for the Menfolk this year! With such plentitude, lucky Ponies & Bunnies & even the Hens are sure to be treated!

Saturday, 4 June 2016