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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Love Him Snowblower Much!

Do you love your Dad 'Snowblower Much'?
Date Listed
Address Winnipeg, MB R3L0Y2
For Sale By Owner
Perfect for father's day!
How much do you love your dad? Snowblower much? Prove it.
It may be June, but this is Winnipeg - we're bound to have another blizzard any day now. Do YOU want him to shovel, and have a heart attack and DIE ???? Cuz that's what happens when you shovel.
Do something good for your dad's health. Introduce him to his new mid-life crisis (better than him showing up to dinner with a 28 yr old gf).

* the TORO 826LE Snowblower 8hp 26" , Tecumseh engine, electric start. 45ft throw distance - his neighbours won't know what hit 'em !
10 yrs old but like new
*** comes with instruction manual and spare key ***

Your pops deserves this, for all the sleepless nights he'd get up for your 4am feedings. Oh that was mom? Ok whatever, he did stuff.

Retails for .. lots. Asking $800 obo. no tax (click on photo for link to original ad)


When I saw this ad I just laughed out loud, & I thought it was worth sharing the humour. 

Happy Father's Day to my Dad, to my kids' Dad, & to all the Dads out there. 
This is your day, use it to make a wonderful memory.
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  1. That's a compelling ad! Thanks for dropping by my blog! Hope your Monday is going well!

  2. I thought it was so funny that I contacted the guy just to tell him so - & we both laughed at that!

  3. Funny! I don't want my hubby to die! Better buy one.

    1. I'm with you Linda - I couldn't do without Mr Shoes, so I bought him a tractor. :-)


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