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Friday, 22 July 2016

Name That Bud

No, I'm not talking about that kind of bud - I'm talking about this bud on a lovely bush whose name I have forgotten, the little identifying stick having been long lost from where it once was stuck in the dirt at the base of the plant. Notice the ants? Those creepy little buggers make me think it's a variety of peony, but given my aversion to bugs of all kinds & knowing the need for ants to help peonies open, why ever would I have bought one? At this point, possible early onset of Alzheimers might be a reasonable guess.
This is the same bud photographed after dark. I especially like the little pink & green bit on the right that couldn't decide whether to be a petal or a leaf & so presented as both. *1000 Bonus Points to anyone who can, positively & with authority, identify this flower!
The same little bud as a blossom, 2 days later. You can clearly see pollen scattered all over the petals by the hummingbirds & the bees. I watched as one fat bumblebee buzzed among the blooms carrying such a big pollen-bomb between it's legs that I seriously wondered how it could fly carrying such a big load! Wish I'd gotten a good enough photo of the bee to share but, even weighed down by it's bounty, it flew faster than I could follow well enough to snap.


  1. I LOVE peony plants... My mom has a bunch of white ones... she would always cut some and bring them inside, and for about a solid week after we would play kill the GIANT ants that seemed to be hiding in between the petals.

    1. See, that whole thing about ants creeps me out more than a little bit. I think if the blossoms were soaked in water for a bit then the ants would abandon ship & they'd make a stunning bouquet.

  2. Replies
    1. Okay well, the consensus is peony after all then.
      The little stick that came with the plant must've named only the variety or maybe the latin name, because I don't believe I would have bought them on purpose, just because I had imagined the ants would be crawling around everywhere. But I've never even seen an ant on the porch here, so that was obviously a completely unfounded fear.
      All that said, it is a gorgeous, hardy bush that puts on a massive display every year & I would never get rid of it.
      My Bleeding Heart & this Peony remind me of my Grandma, who was my favourite person in the world & who had the greenest thumb - she could grow anything! I split this bush early in the year & gave it to my SIL who was starting a new bed; her bush established quickly & is thriving too. Yay Peonies!!
      Hmmm, wonder how many different colours they come in....

    2. & *1000 points for you too.

  3. I love peonies! I have tons. You can't beat the fragrance.

    1. Absolutely. The other day on TV I saw an entire wedding dress covered in flowers & joked to slipper that I had FOUND her dress! She said, 1) "I am not engaged." & 2)"You could sweat like a hog & still smell amazing."


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