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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Monday, 17 October 2016

Sook Calves, Sook!

 How do you call in your cattle? My go-to summons is to call out, "Sook Sook, Calves! Sook sook!", as I rattle the pail full of groceries. A reader recently asked that I post some current photos of our Miniature Herefords.... your wish is my command.
Here is Crispin, the 4Shoes bull. Crispin is always a little bit horny.  Hahah, you see it, right? A little bit HORNy?
This heifer calf should have been christened Lucy, after Lucille Ball, because she's always up to something.

And here is Lucy's faithful sidekick, Ethel, who mostly just watches Lucy cause the trouble quietly, without joining in. 

Thursday, 13 October 2016

The BBC Gets Involved

If the story of Kaydance (the abducted Canadian child in yesterday's post) touched you at all, you'll want to listen to this BBC Radio interview with Ms Brown (the mother left behind).

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Attention Europe!!

Click here to view Global News Story of same sex parental abduction
Excerpt:  "In July of 2015, Tasha and Lauren separated and, at that time, Kaydance was living with Lauren. The two women were going through court proceedings for custody of Kaydance.
In August 2015 a court order was signed requiring Lauren to surrender Kaydance’s UK passport, that she shall not apply for a Canadian passport for Kaydance, nor shall she leave Vancouver Island.
In April 2016 Lauren disobeyed the court order, lied to Passport Canada and obtained a Canadian Passport for Kaydance. On May 8, 2016 Lauren and Kaydance Etchells along with Lauren’s new partner, Marco van der Merwe and their new born child Marcus, boarded Westjet Flight 0022 from Vancouver to London Gatwick." Click for full news story
Happy Birthday, September 26, 2014
Wedding Bells, 2012
Lauren Ann Etchells & Tasha Brown are a legally married same sex couple who planned & carried out artificial insemination (from donor sperm) together & celebrated the birth of their daughter, Kaydance Paige Etchells, on September 26, 2014. 
Gay Pride Parade, 2015
Before marriage the 2 women were a loving & affectionate couple &, after welcoming Kaydance into the world, the 3 girls together became a vibrant & active family… for a time.  As sometimes happens, the relationship began to sour & the ladies decided to separate in July of 2015 (though no application for divorce was made at that time & the women are legally married to this day). 
$$ Funding the Fugitive $$
In the course of arranging visitation details ahead of a shared custody agreement, Ms Etchells willfully acquired duplicate passports & abruptly fled Canada when, after reviewing the many accusations made, the court found that no supervision (of Ms Brown) was warranted & that overnight visits were ordered to commence within a specified period of time. 
1 or both parents MAY be accompanying Lauren 
Lauren Ann Etchells is a fugitive from justice, hiding herself & 2 children whilst trying to stay a step ahead of the many authorities & agencies searching. Ms Etchells clearly considers herself 'above the law' & thumbed her nose at the Canadian judicial system when she abducted Kaydance & fled in blatant violation of the court orders. 
Willing Accomplice or Clueless Dupe?

Ms Etchells & her now boyfriend, Marco van der Merwe (father of her infant son), used UK passports to cross from England to France soon after arriving in London. Shortly afterwards, Marco van der Merwe separated from Ms Etchells & the children to return to his job at a university in the city of Doha, the country of Qatar. 

Mr van der Merwe unsuccessfully attempted to sponsor Ms Etchells & the children into Qatar by declaring them all as his family. Under investigation by authorities, van der Merwe has since claimed to have been unaware that Kaydance & Ms Etchells were forbidden by order of the court not to leave Vancouver Island, Canada. Van der Merwe now also claims to have absolutely no knowledge of the whereabouts of Ms Etchell, or of Kaydance, or even of his own infant son, Marcus.  
If Ms Etchells were to attempt to board a plane with the children, or was required at any time to show any of their passports, she would at once be detained by authorities. 
However, because no passports are needed to travel within Europe, Ms Etchells & the children could be anywhere at all on the European continent at this moment & somewhere else the next. 

Please help bring dear little Kaydance back to her other mother, Ms. Brown, who has suffered every moment of every day since her wife abandoned due legal process & abducted their daughter from the country. 
The search for Kaydance & Lauren will continue until they are apprehended & returned to Canada where Kaydance & Ms Brown can be reunited at last & Lauren will face justice. 
*Interesting to note, Ms Brown has no wish to see her wife imprisoned for her crimes & is quoted as in full support of judicial leniency despite the deep pain & trauma Ms Etchells has caused by her actions. 
On the Run!
Bring Kaydance home by sharing this story on Facebook, on your blogs; on your websites… return Kaydance to her birthplace & home, Canada.  
If you see Lauren Ann Etchells or Kaydance Paige Etchells, please contact the authorities (contact numbers are noted below). 
Remember that Ms. Etchells & Kaydance will most certainly be traveling with baby Marcus & could possibly be accompanied by either one or both of her parents. 
 Click for "Where in the World is Kaydance?" facebook Page
Please share Tasha's heartbreaking story & help bring Kaydance home!
Anyone with information is asked to please contact: 

  • the Saanich police at 1-888-980-1919
  • the Canadian Centre for Child Protection at 1-866-543-8477 or 
  • Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.