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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

An Act of War

preface: We will not here debate the rights of birth parents vs adoptive parents vs same sex parents, vs,VS,VS

This article addresses only one caseThe case of 1 Canadian child, Kaydance Paige Etchells, daughter of legally married same sex couple, Lauren Ann Etchells & Tasha Brown.

Kaydance's kind of story is sadly becoming so familiar as to be almost trite - but, for the parent & extended family left behind, devastation is a more proper description. 

Parental abduction is an act of war. 

Let that sink in just for a minute...
Parental Abduction is an Act of War.

The other parent is almost always taken by surprise that the person they once loved more than any other, the person they shared wedding vows with, the person they cuddled at night & made plans for a life with, the person they conceived their first child with, the person they offered comfort to & sought out for comfort... STOLE their CHILD!

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When adults cannot put aside their own anger & selfish desires & collaborate on a separation & a life beyond that initial separation which should allow their child the best of the happy home that they had created together, but which the adults then blew apart... they must lay their disagreements before a court of law &, in doing so, they are bound by law to wait for the deliberance of the court without taking independant action &, when a ruling is made, to accept & apply the ruling of the cour

Lauren Ann Etchells (dual UK/CDN citizen) is a fugitive from Canadian Law, having falsely obtained new passports & fled Vancouver Island to London, England on May 8, 2016. Lauren Ann Etchells faces 2 counts of Disobeying a Lawful Court Order & one count of Parental Abduction. 

Europe, Please Watch for Me
so I can go HOME to my MamaT.
I just want BOTH my Mommies
to love me again!
I know if we go
home again that the Judge will help
MamaT & MamaL sort it all out
so that we can ALL OF US be
merry again.
Please, if you see any of us,
call the authorities.
All that is wrong might yet be made right.

Blonde haired, blue eyed, 2 yr old Kaydance was abducted from her own country, Canada, on May 8, 2016 & has been dragged to & fro in planes, trains, & automobiles for the last 8 months, evading capture by the authorities. 

Those are the facts.

Here is another fact...

As of today, it has been two hundred & six days (as of March 19, 2017 it has been 308 days), it has been  filled with unending agony, anxiety, heartbreak, helplessness & misery for Kaydance's mother,Tasha Brown. 

Since the day her precious daughter Kaydance was stolen from her, the calendar never stops ticking off dates, & each sunset is another open wound upon Tasha Brown's mothering soul.

Message to Lauren:
It is only a matter of time before you are apprehended & brought before justice. Lauren, I will support judicial leniency for you once Kaydance is returned to Canada. The longer you keep trunning, the firmer is the resolve to keep the hounds at your heels.

To Kaydance, my Love. I will never stop looking for you, my daughter, my sweet sweet Kaydance. I will NEVER, EVER stop looking! I love you Kaydance; MamaT loves you so much. I'll never stop searching for you. 
As of today, March 19, 2019, Lauren Ann Etchells continues to count on strangers who don't "SEE" her & who don't REPORT SEEING HER & Kaydance & baby Marcus. 

A recent quote from Lauren Ann Etchells:

"People are too stupid to even notice me, & anyway why should they bother about it? Nobody here (Europe) gives a care about one Canadian mum bleating about her rights. Please! 
No one here thinks I'm anything more than a sweet little mum; they don't know that I took Kaydance without Tasha's knowledge. Tasha has absolutely zero chance of ever seeing her daughter again! The authorities are such idiots, and people are just sheep that only bleat about their own problems, they could care less about Tasha's whining on.

Eventually Tasha will hear that, after May 7, 2017 (when the Hague Convention Abduction act will not AUTOMATICALLY extradite me to Canada), I have quietly turned myself in before an International court that will not give a hoot for Canada; I expect that I will get clean off here. And once I walk out that courtroom door, Kaydance & I will disappear into the middle east, never to be heard from again.  

As I did say earlier, Tasha has zero chance of every seeing Kaydance again. 
And that's all I have to say about this personal matter."
What do YOU think? 
Should Lauren be returned to Canada to face her charges of Parental Abduction & 2 counts violations of Orders of the Court?
Should Canadian child Kaydance be returned to her mother, Tasha, who was awarded full custody by the Courts after Lauren fled the country?

If YOU see Lauren Ann Etchells, will YOU report her to the authorities & end this agony for Tasha & the rest of Kaydance's Canadian family?  

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  1. Sadly this is becoming more and more of a problem...especially with one parent that comes from a foreign country.

  2. Oh my heart is breaking for all the people involved in this sad, sad story. I don't know the parents, but the poor child will be torn in two no matter what the courts decide. So sad

    1. The point is that Lauren Ann Etchells KIDNAPPED that child from her Mum & her country & her extended Canadian family.
      The couple were in the midst of custody/ separation hearings, but when it became apparent that the Court viewed the parents as equal (which is the only way TO view them), Ms Etchells abducted Kaydance & fled to Europe where she has remained in hiding with her stated intention to hide the child from her other parent permanently.
      The child could have had the very best of a bad situation, but because one mum didn't want to share even a LITTLE bit, now it's all gone a nightmare.
      Anyone who is a parent should be able to see why Ms Etchells should be extradited in handcuff to face the Court; each parent is equal under the law. Fathers have the same rights to their children as do mothers, adoptive parents ARE the parents with all rights of natural parents under the law, & children conceived within the bonds of marriage (by a sperm donor) are also the parents under the law.
      This is a same sex marriage that wanted a child; Tasha & Lauren planned together, conceived together (details on www.where-in-the-world-is-kaydance.jigsy.com if you are really curious), and delivered together.
      Neither mum has MORE claim to the child because BOTH are her equal parents under the law.
      Justice & compassion demand that Ms Etchells answer to the Canadian Court, & that Kaydance be allowed to grow up knowing BOTH of her parents.
      It is WRONG, legally & morally, to withhold any child from their parent & extended family just because you are mean-spirited & selfish and have the financial means to do it.

  3. A very sad situation. Everyone looses out. It is a shame that the child must be torn apart this way.

    1. Indeed. Can you imagine what this child will see when she enters her name into Google?


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