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Monday, 9 January 2017

Lard Ass

12.5 pounds of raw fat rendered out to roughly 16 cups of snowy white lard (or WhiteGold, as our butcher friend calls it) 
Believe it or not, rendering just half of the raw fat (that we harvested from the pigs) was an all day job... hand to God. You really have to babysit the fat as it heats slowly; lots of stirring involved. 
Done correctly, the end product is a very light golden oil that solidifies into pure white lard as it cools. 
Lard does not need refrigeration; I simply store it in my coldroom where the temperatures are fairly static all year round. 
Lard can be used in place of shortening anytime, whether you melt it before pan frying meat, work it into pie dough (lard makes the lightest, tastiest pie crust EVER!), or you can melt enough to shallow fry if you have a real abundance. 
I do not have an abundance of lard. 
Peanut gallery - hush yourselves.
But, thanks to raising our own pigs & to having inspirational mentors, I do have enough lard to gift away 2 or 3 small containers to 2 or 3 extra-special, chosen people who always have my back. 
I packaged & froze the other 12.5 pounds of raw fat to render at a later date. 
So, y'know, you may still have time to make it onto my list of extra-special, chosen people for next time around. 
But you'll have to work for it.


  1. I never really thought about lard, but maybe I should give it a try in my pie crust.

    1. Makes the tenderist, yummiest crusts.

  2. I love using lard. We never got the fat from our pig not sure I would even know how to make it into lard, good for you. I did share on my facebook page maybe on the blog tomorrow

    1. The 'professionals' told us they weren't allowed (by gov't, ostensibly) to give us the fat, or the trotters, the liver, etc etc etc... which they, no doubt, ground into products they could sell to further optimize their profit margins.
      Thank you so much for sharing Crystal, it's so much appreciated!

    2. They asked us if we wanted it. Most people take it cause they use it to mix with the meat from the deer they hunted but we don't hunt and so we don't need it. I'm pretty sure if we wanted the whole pig we coulda gotten it but we have no need for the guts/hide/feet/head so we don't get that

    3. I really question the 'professionals' that we used last year as a crooked bunch of characters.

  3. Lard can make many things really tasty like fried potatoes and pie crust.

    1. Ooh yes, fried leftover potatoes, so good! Mr Shoes is an eater....


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