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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Lookin' for Lovin'

❤ Looking for Love in the MB Interlake Region❤
"Hello My Lovelies...
My name is Crispin. Crispin Carver that is, but you can just call me Darlin', because I will answer to you no matter what name you call me. Mmmmm, mmmm yes.
I'm a handsome, virile Bull, now two years old (my birth weight was 42.5lbs) & I'm more than ready to make some strapping babies with your sweet, sweet LadyCows.
Bring your gals over here to my crib where we'll have cool water & hay appetizers before I charm each one of them into begging me to love them back. Deeply. 
Or, invite me to your sorority room Girls, & I'll be happy to come visit you until you are. Completely. Satisfied. 
Um MMmm... You all know you want it, you know you do. 
Don't worry Girls, there's plenty enough of this young bucko to go around! I will honour you over & over again, until each of you have a tiny little calf-bun in your hot little ovens. 
I do this purely out of love for all the beautiful LadyCows looking to adore their own wee 2018 calf. No bullshit, I'd make one great Baby-Daddy!
I'm just waiting on You, Girls❣"

Crispin is a 2 yr old reg'd. Miniature Hereford bull ready for his first stud season. He is a handsome & sturdy young bull with a calm & gentle demeanor. Plus he's hot, & he's horny... as you clearly can see.
He's also available on a free lease (*within the MB Interlake area*) for the 2017 breeding season. 
You may breed him to as many cows as you like; the breed of cows make no difference to us. 
Or to Crispin, I am quite certain. 
You may bring your cows to Crispin, or you may invite Crispin to visit your cows at your location. 
Free bred cows. Where are you ever going to find a better deal than that?
Shoot us an email to 4shoesfarm @ the gmail.com if you'd like to discuss taking us up on Crispin's offer of free loving stud service.


  1. He's a handsome guy,I'm sure he will have no problem finding lots of love from the ladies!

    1. It's a small selection here, not too many minis around the Interlake. Yet. Crispin is hoping to make half-breeds, if nothing else. ;-)

  2. This is the first dating service for cows I've ever seen, but then again, I don't know much about them other than they're yummy, lol. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I would love your mahogany chicken wings recipe!

    1. Thanks for visiting Jas. I'll pick up some wings next time I'm to town & I'll post that recipe for you (how's next Sunday sound?)!

  3. Haha he sounds cute! Bit far for our cows though and they have no thoughts of love right now, in a couple months they may though

    1. You're right, we're looking for slutty cows that are closer to home. ;-)


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