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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Where in the World..

Please, won't you help us find Kaydance by sharing any where that you can think to share. Please.
I've related the story of the abduction of Kaydance on 4ShoesLife before, but you can also click on the WITWIK photo anytime to read the horrific & scandalous details of this case of heartless parental abduction. 
Kaydance's other mother, Lauren Ann Etchells is a wanted fugitive in Canada for her felony crime & for her violations of orders by the Supreme Court of Canada. 

Lauren's current lover, Marco van der Merwe, has been aiding Lauren in keeping Kaydance hidden away, in violation of the custody order (Tasha Brown was granted full parental custody & there is a court order in place that Kaydance be returned to her care). Parental abduction is a serious crime against the child, against the other parent, & against the extended family. 
Please, help us spread the word by sharing Kaydance's story on all your social media. 
Lauren & Marco are counting on public apathy ~ I hope you will take a moment to prove that good people DO care! 
There is also a WITWIK fb page, so sharing is just a click or 2 away; we'd be so grateful.
Kaydance turned 3 years old on Tuesday; she remains missing & thought to be in the Netherlands.
Click for this heart wrenching story of loss.


  1. Such a sad story. I hope she's found soon and returned to her mother.

    1. From your lips to God's ear, I pray.


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