4Shoes 'BOOKENDS'; Morgan Horses

4Shoes 'BOOKENDS'; Morgan Horses
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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Knitter DESPERATELY Needed!

Manic Min Pin needz one 2 pleez...
 However, Saint the Good Shepherd does NOT need a hat.
Or velcro booties. Or sweaters. Or jackets.
Or clothing of any kind.

Saint is a dog.
Saint is covered in dog hair.

Saint is clearly made for harsh Canadian winters.
But still, let's be real, a LazyBoy is meant to be used.  "Ahhhhhhhhh... Zzzzzzzzzz"

& then there's Manic....

*deep sigh*
Manic has needz, & feelingz, & strong opinionz...
Manic does not like to be cold. Like, ever.
Manic is a dog, & she does have some hair.
Short hair that is pretty much embedded in every piece of furniture we own. 
And, I'm embarrassed to admit, our bed sheets.
*Head hanging, deeeep sigh*

But Manic is oddly smooth from the base of her chest all the way back to her hoohah.
Nekid... as in buck nekid.
Manic is a dog, but...
a dog who 
clearly is not made for winter of any kind. 
Manic has so many outfits that she has her own closet.

Yeah, you did read that right - her own closet.
I don't have my own closet - I share with Mr Shoes. 
*Manic demands that I point out to you her buck-tooth kangaroo, which is her most favourite squeaky of all time.*
Straight from the hairless little dictator's ungrateful mouth, just now,
"I am being held hostage in the frozen tundra here; please send me a warm knitted hat with cougar ears, size small.
Better yet, will some kind Aussie please send me a first class ticket to Sydney? I will not need all my clothes down under, so I'll only have a carry on bag.
I do so love kangaroos!"


  1. Oh, poor Manic. I’m sure she’ll get everything she needs to weather the winter! Well, except maybe a trip to see kangaroos. So funny though, I haven’t heard anyone use the word hoohah since my grandma. Who used it to describe,um,well, you know...

    1. Yep, that's what I was sayin' (so delicately exposed by Manic).

  2. I haven't knitted in years. I am, however, looking forward to the photos. :D

    1. I never learned how to knit, but I've tried different ways over the years to keep Manic from losing the tips of her ears. She does have outfits with attached hoods, though the hoods always slip back and the her ears are hanging out again. I tried cutting off the end of a sock so she'd have a cowl neck - limited success. Her lightest sweater exposes to much chest, if I knew how then I would add a turtle neck onto it.
      I've often wondered how high I must've been to accept this half-hairless little ball of nerves that is Manic. It must be 70* in here but I see her over there, perched on the top of the couch looking out the window at Saint (who has a mink or something treed) shivering half to death.
      *sigh* I had better go and build the dang MIn Pin a fire...

  3. I haven't ever knitted, but that is quite cute. Etsy!

    1. I was hoping for the kindness of strangers (or, you know, my MOM!).
      Yes, Mom, I'm talking to you. You did such a fantastic job on the horse's fly bonnets, this cougar-ear hat for Manic should be a cinch (remembering all the toques & mittens & sweaters you made for us growing up). Love you Mom.

  4. I love your dogs. I need a dog but husband says no. He said no about the cat too. He is so good I love our cat. I hope they stay warm!

    1. We couldn't do without a dog on the farm - though GSD Saint is the only dog we really need. We frequently say Manic is THE most horrible dog(!) we have EVER had... which is completely true, but that is more about breed selection than anything else. Manic IS the very best MinPin that she can be, & so long as we don't compare her to Saint, she is pretty much perfect in our eyes (like a troublesome but beloved child).
      p.s. I was offered Manic whilst Mr Shoes was away on his annual fishing trip, so he didn't get a vote on whether it was a good idea (or not). Manic is ours for life, God love her.


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