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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Squirrel Problem? Solve.

Mr. Cheeky had grown too comfortable with raiding my birdfeeder; little did he know...
...his luck had run out. Courtesy of  Saint the Good Shepherd. *Don't worry, it was SUPER quick & mostly painless*


  1. this is so sad...I'm pretty sure that's a baby. I've done a lot of wildlife rescue and puppy dogs. cute dog.

  2. Sad for the squirrel, pretty sure Saint has no remorse.
    This is squirrel wonderland here, one less (by natural causes) doesn't even make a dent in the population.

  3. Good dog doing his job. This goes back to survival of the fittest. We have many smart squirrels who have learned to jump from roof to roof and walk an electric wire to avoid this ending on their way to the pecan tree. Not only are they smart sometimes they are smart alecs and fuss at the dogs.

    Thanks for coming by to visit.

  4. we have a rabbit (tame) problem. A neighbor got a pair of rabbits, they started to multiply and then he decided he did not want rabbits so he just opened his gate and let them go, there were 19 and then 28 and then we lost count. The just roam from yard to yard eating whatever looks good. we have no dogs that run loose in our area so the rabbits are fairly safe. Everyone is getting a bit tired of them eating flowers and gardens. We had to fence our garden to keep it safe. I wish we had a Saint for our yard.

  5. Hi Gail,
    Saint is aptly named (though a she, not a he ;-)).
    When you have squirrels burrowing into attics & chewing through wiring & such (in our outbuildings) they cease to be as 'cute' as they would be doing their own thing out in the woods!
    Thanks for stopping by today!

  6. Hi Anon,
    This makes me (for one) much more upset than my Saint cherry picking the odd squirrel or wild hare from a population of plenty out here in bush country.

    Omg, for 1, what a jerk your neighbour is to release tame animals because he didn't want them anymore!?!
    And 2, imposing an exploding population problem on you & the rest of the suburbia? Double jerk.
    And 3, he should have to pay for the nuisance he has caused; maybe you should all band together & sue him for the cost of exterminating the problem he has caused.

    I would offer to lend you a Saint to help you clear out your yard permanently, but she's busy here, keeping the squirrels, weasels, coyotes, racoons, skunks, etc. at bay. :-)

  7. I could use a talent like Saint's. My three dogs sniffed out a huge rat in our garage, but it got away from us. I just saw it flying through the air after hearing a bunch of crashing and thought, "I didn't know they made rats that big."

  8. Hi Nuz,
    Saint stays pretty busy & her kill method is extremely swift - pounce, grab, shake, DONE .
    The only time that she was ever wounded she was SO proud of herself that she practically dragged me out to the corpse to show me that she had protected us all from a MUSKRAT!
    She sports 2 tiny white marks (scars) on her muzzle like badges of honour (& rightly so).
    Usually she eats what she kills, but muskrats get the death sentence & must then be disposed of by me - ick.
    Best dog we've ever had, bar none.

  9. We live in squirrel country too. Martin the cat will get them eventually but more just move in. :)

  10. Good point Teresa, vermin (even cute vermin) breed endlessly.


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