4Shoes 'BOOKENDS'; Morgan Horses

4Shoes 'BOOKENDS'; Morgan Horses
“Hold fast to dreams, For if dreams die, Life is a broken-winged bird, That cannot fly.” ~Langston Hughes *pictured: '4Shoes Bookends'

Monday, 11 May 2015

Where OCD & Free Time Collide

Gat Dang my SIL!! I blame her for talking about & sending me examples of this fricking Pinterest thing so often that, one rainy day, I finally checked it out.
Big Mistake. Really. BIG mistake. Save yourself, click away now. I am not joking.
The problem with introducing this kind of time suck to an already busy life compounded by a slight tendency towards OCD is that I can't just re-pin random shit - my brain insists that I worry myself over a myriad of concerns, such as:
  • Am I genuinely interested in this project/idea for myself? (Answer must be Yes)
  • Does the link work properly? (It must, so every link is tested.)
  • Does the link lead to a site with excessive or intrusive advertising? (No can do.)
  • Is the description my own words, personally endorsing the idea or project?
  • Is this project manageable for the average DIYer?
  • Are special tools or purchases needed?
  • Is it budget friendly?
  • Have I posted the idea more than once &, if so, are there enough differences between the projects to make each one worth considering?
  • & on & on & on...
You see where I'm going with this, right? I limit my computer time - now I have to monitor that I don't waste too much of that time as a whole on this individual pursuit. OMG, I wish I'd never gone there. Oh Lawdy, why does my SIL have such great ideas that she has to 'share' ??
As a result of this fantastic collection of ideas/supreme time waster, Mr Shoes has been commissioned to build all manner of nifty new stuff for my current obsession - Gardening. He, at first, wondered how I'd been coming up with all these new projects I 'needed' that required him to spend time in his workshop to keep me happy/quiet.
Initially he built me a new raised vegetable bed (relatively easy), then a strawberry tower (more finicky, lots of mitered edges on that project), & now Mr Shoes is working on creating a gutter grow system for my tomatoes & other viners to set up beside the porch where he will soon (you guessed it) be hard at work building some kind of trellis system.
No doubt, Mr Shoes is cursing SIL too except that, amidst all the swear words, he is also looking forward to home canning & strawberry jam which I have promised him as payment for his labour.
Among other things. 
Do not ask. You have been warned. 

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  1. You are one hell of an interesting women!

  2. Pinterest--lots of great ideas for women to get their husbands to do! I don't go on it very often, but I have seen many a wonderful party idea in action and they give Pinterest the credit. I'm planning a wedding this summer and all the great images you google lead you back to Pinterest, too. :

  3. Sabine, Not too sure how often anyone has ever commented that I am all that interesting, so I'll take that as 'one hell of a compliment'! ;-)

  4. Linda, OMG the wedding ideas... just so many & so beautiful! Exciting for you to get to have a wedding, I'm sure it will be very lovely indeed. I could plan a dozen country-style weddings, but none of my suggestions I fear would appeal much to my very cosmopolitan daughter. :-( Just as well, her university is driving us to the poorhouse; she'll probably have to fund our retirement from the eventual high paying white collar job this had better be leading up to. 5 years & counting...


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