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Friday, 10 July 2015

Funnel Cloud is just another name for Tornado

I do not want any part of this shit!
The Weathercasters can call them funnel clouds all they want, but what I hear is TORNADO.
I posted about our recent spate of shite weather - turns out I didn't know the half of it.
We were just lucky that the feeder being struck, flipped & thrown was all the trouble that we really had @ the 4Shoes on Saturday past!
The power in the area was out for 5+ hours due to a lightning strike on a transformer; without power the 4Shoes has no telephone so we were really in the dark (literally). Archaic, you say? I know; most of the time archaic is the way I like it.
Our immediate area recorded 5 1/2 inches of rain in 5 hours; in case you are not sure, that is a lot.
All the neighbours around here with basements were flooded;  they were bailing water out in buckets while Young Boot & I obliviously played marbles by candlelight & scarfed down barbeque-baked pizza.
We also had no idea that 2 1/4 miles from us, a 'funnel cloud' touched down (making it officially a gatdang tornado) & completely took out a row of old maples. I'm kind of glad I didn't know about that; I probably would have crapped my pants.
We do have a tornado shelter (of sorts); it's a dirt-walled root cellar attached to the 100 year old original homestead house across the yard. Yes, it is as glamorous as it sounds.
Tornado or no, you are not likely to catch me down there amongst the spiders & the tiny little frogs... If I do see a funnel cloud, I'm much more likely to hide out in the bathtub here in my cozy little decade old home. Besides, the root cellar was probably flooded.
Some of our hay was cut down today; I say 'some' because the ground is too wet to even get at most of it. We had been hoping to dry bale the hay this year, but it may need to be packaged as silage for cattle. *sigh* 
Guess what they've just forecast for the upcoming Sunday?
If you guessed 'rain', you're a winner!


  1. Seems you have extreme weather right now! We had no rain for weeks and temperatures over 100 Fahrenheit. Unusual I would say and I think we will get the other side sooner or later like it is now around your house. Lucky you, that you didn't notice the tornado.

  2. Crazy weather. I guess by calling it a funnel cloud it's like reporting that there is a mentally ill felon who is off his meds prowling the neighborhood and he may or may not start murdering people, but don't worry because it's only a 50/50 chance. They want to avoid mass panic.

  3. Hi Sabine,
    Yeah I was lucky, & my drawers stayed fresh too. Upside. ;-)

    Hey Nuz,
    Love how you put that, I'm giggling. Upside. ;-)


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