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Thursday, 16 July 2015

DIY Two-Tone Wooden Garden Path

Sounds a lot more hoopla than it is really. "Herd sire' only sounds vaguely impressive on the surface, but realistically(?) Does a bull with a harem of two to maybe four heifers get a spot on the podium so early in the game? Happy? No doubt. Famous? Not so much.
Everything seemed slow - I blame the weather, obviously.
Up my Garden Path SE
What do you think of the new two-tone "boardwalk" style garden path that Mr Shoes built from free pallet wood*?  Red Green always says, "If the women don't find you handsome, at least they should find you handy."?
Mr Shoes gets a 'green thumbs up" on both counts.
Little does Mr Shoes realize, I like the boardwalk SO much that he will soon be adding on...

July 12... Down my Garden Path NW 

 DIY A 2-Tone Boardwalk Path

1.  To build a charming two-tone boardwalk-style wooden Garden Path like ours, work smart, not hard. Constructed from reclaimed pallet wood, the path is made in 4' sections, which makes the path both versatile & easily reconfigured. Sections also afford ease of access to hoses or pipes, etc laid underneath the path.
2.  To start, choose good, strong, newer pallets with clean boards. Using a power sander, give all the sides & the topside a light sanding til just smooth so that the path is more comfortable for bare feet. You will save yourself a lot of work & cursing by not breaking down the pallets.
3.  Level the ground for path way. Do not skip this step; your boardwalk will not be stable, it will shift & move & it will not look right.
4.  Cover the ground with multiple layers of wet newspaper; cover the newspaper with heavy *paper* (such as cut open stock feedbags), cut & fit to size - this is your weed barrier so don't skimp & don't use plastic because paper will actually work better, longer.
5.  Lay the pallet sections tightly together on top of your weed barrier, customizing where necessary (such as around the vegetable bed) so that the walkway is solid & fits tightly into the space & up against flowerbed edging & raised beds.
6.  At this point I stained the boardwalk with a grey semi-transparent wood stain to match the garden bed & the flowerbed edging.
7.  Now for the fiddly part! With a metal blade on his reciprocating saw, Mr Shoes ripped down some pallets & harvested & sanded the nicest boards.
8.   Painstakingly measuring each gap between the stained boards, he cut each filler board individually to fit. It was a lot more work than sanding the whole pallets but it takes the path from rustic to 4Shoes chic.
9.  When Mr Shoes pronounced the walkway complete, I gave the whole thing 2 coats of water sealer.
*The fence around the garden bed is also made from pallet wood; however, the Strawberry Tower, the flowerbed edging, & the base of the raised bed is not.*
             Mr Shoes says that's a big one. I don't know if it's so big. Do you think it's big? Or is that man-math?              *Update: It's 9" long. 9" is not just man-math - 9" is a BIG one! Yummy yum yum.*

July 12... Cucumber, mesclun, radish & green onion salad was on the menu & the first whole "dish" where all of the ingredients had come out of my own garden! Mr Shoes said it was the tastiest cucumber he'd had in years.
Now that I understand the actual space requirements of cucumbers & zucchinni, I have put in my formal requisition for a second raised bed next year. True understanding, you feel me?
Rather than, say, believing the assurances of a circa 1970's square foot gardening guide, maybe, y'know, just as a "FER instance". Because NOone can grow 2 of each in 4 square feet without a lot of twine & an absolute willingness to wield scissors or shears.


  1. OMG! You are LIGHT years ahead of me! I just finished mowing the lawn (weeds) for the third time this year, and the boy is out pressure washing goose poop off the back deck (long story) I would have to agree with Mr Shoe, thats a good size cuke!

  2. Hello #1,
    We used to get lots of Canada Geese playing in the town pond (when we lived in town); the kids would take the dogs for a walk & the mutts would roll in the goosepoo. I never knew it before that, but goose poop is roughly the size of man poop, & it stinks, but the GREASY quality is what killed me! It was so hard to wash off the dogs!
    We have wild geese here too, but they stay down in the marshy area because they want no part of the Saint. Saint only THINKS she'd like to catch a goose -- those mofos are scary as hell!


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