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Monday, 26 October 2015

Children Deserve BOTH Parents

I'm going rogue @ the 4Shoes today & broaching a controversial topic -- parental rights. Not much of a hook, you say? How about if the parents are a legally married homosexual couple? Are you less or more inclined to curiosity?

I am going to admit that, when a friend sent this GoFundMe campaign to me, my curiosity was piqued as to what inspired my friend to want to spread the word about little Kaydance -- why this case for parental rights is remarkable when there are so many non-custodial parents who struggle for the right to be present & active in the lives of their children every day? 

Kaydance is a little Canadian girl who was planned, conceived, & birthed  together by her 2 mothers. In a twist worthy of an intrigue novel plot, Canadian Mother T. was influenced to allow her name to be removed from Kaydance's birth certificate to avoid persecution in the United Arab Emirates where (Mother L. was raised &) homosexuality is illegal. 

If your interest is piqued about why a homosexual family would ever consider the risk of living in the U.A.E....
If you believe that a child deserves to be allowed the love of both  parents & their extended families... If you believe that  parenting is a joint endeavour & that it is wrong for one parent to make a unilateral decision to relocate with the child without the knowledge or consent  of the other parent...
then I invite you to click over to read more details & updates on the fight for Kaydance. 
There is absolutely no obligation to donate a dime, but I am certain that words of encouragement would be very welcomed.

Mother T's legal case to be re-instated on Kaydance's birth certificate & to prevent Mother L. from moving the child out of reach is scheduled to go before the Supreme Court of Canada in November of 2015. 

*If this is a topic that you found interesting, or if you are sympathetic to this cause, please help Kaydance by spreading the word of Mother T's fight by re-posting her campaign to your social media.


  1. That is a difficult case. I don't know why they would risk it. So sad.

  2. Saddest of all for little Kaydance.

  3. Thank you for posting on my blog Mrs. Shoes!

    Some things in life are not all black and white. There are times when the kids DO need both parents and times when they DON'T. Every case is different and that's where the lines get blurred. I do have some questions, but for now it's probably best if I just keep them to myself.

  4. Questions should be directed toward Mother T. - she seems to have been very honest & has answered other questions in her posts (which I looked all through) on her campaign.

    One parent withholding the child from the other is a common story - it is rarely right or fair to either the parent or (more importantly) the child; when people start this struggle too often one or both of the parents is not putting the interests of the child before their own & therefore they must lay themselves bare before the courts & let cooler heads prevail.

    It's very sad all the way round, really.


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