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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Marijuana Munching Mutt

Remember the 60s? Me neither.
Probably because I was barely a toddler... but, not the point.  
Has your dog ever eaten marijuana?
Mine have not, but if yours ever does, please get it to the vet asap!
When you get home, find a better spot for your stash.
In the meantime, this video has seriously cracked me up.

p.s. On a serious note though, THC toxicity is no joke - your pet could die from it! If you love your pet & you suspect ingestion, there is no time to go all *"follow the labrador, man".
*If you don't 'get' this reference, you must not remember the 70s either...


  1. I do remember the 60's, went to college, got married in 69. My how the time flies. Glad to hear you are having lots of feathered friends visit your feeders. We made a different coconut feeder last weekend. I'll be sharing it soon on my site. No snow for us ... yet!,

  2. Snow showed up here 2 nights ago & temps have dipped significantly. *sigh* Had to happen sooner or later... though I'd have preferred later.


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