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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Being Canadian Means...

1. Real winters.
Snow started overnight & there was 3-4" by 8am; Mr Shoes & Kubby got right on that. I would say Mr Shoes was quite gleeful about the snowfall, actually. He was rubbing his hands together & whistling while looking out the window with a big grin on his mug; he practically launched into his Carhartts.
 2. Cranky mare talk first thing in the AM.
Thanks for the heads-up (not) Mr. Weatherman.
"Oh, for the love of God... Will you just please FEED us already?"   
3. A little extra padding may be required to stay warm outdoors.
*I like big butts & I cannot lie...*
"If you just wait over here by the feeders, Ladies, she will bring it right to us, y'know."     
4. Stalls to clean tomorrow. 
Love the smell of good hay & the sounds of happy horses settling in for the night.


  1. I love the snow! It's not so fun when it all melts and it starts to rain, too. That is what we're living in now. It's not pretty.

    1. I hear you; yesterday (despite the snowfall) it got up to 1 degreeC (=33 degreesF) which made for some melting & then a hard refreeze. Can you say SLIPPERY as an oilslick?
      Nearly broke my neck trying to catch myself from falling on the front porch, & Boot said that the highways last night were hell.
      It's -15C now (= 5 degreesF); I too find the ups & downs more taxing than just straight cold.

  2. I wonder... or do you know... is there any place in Canada where it doesn't snow?

    1. Canada is home to one true desert area (in British Columbia); also the southern coast of BC & Vancouver Island rarely get true snow.
      But, no snow does not mean that it doesn't get cold; I lived in the lower mainland (of BC) for years & because of the proximity to the ocean dressing in layers was a necessity. It is often called 'the wet coast' for good reason; whether rain or sleet or the occasional snowfall, winter is cold everywhere that I have lived in Canada. (I have lived in every province from BC to Quebec. Haven't made it to the Maritime provinces yet, but it's on my bucket list.)

  3. I actually like the snow. Ours is starting to melt so I'm sure it will be a muddy mess soon. I like horses with big butts too!

    1. Snow I don't mind, temperatures that freeze my eyelashes together = not so much.


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