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Monday, 11 January 2016

Muffs Required Attire

You can talk El Nino to me all you wish, but we are definitely in the middle of a cold snap @ the 4Shoes. By about 9pm the nights have gotten down around -28 celsius (that's about -18F) & the thermometer still stuck there when I get up. I sure am glad we have a barn for the horses. 
"I am thinking WE are even MORE glad than you are, Mrs. Shoes."
Daytimes have been cold too, only -18C (just below 0F) this afternoon, & when the wind is blowing it seems to cut like a knife straight through into my (slightly older) bones. You know that kind of cold that makes your eyes squint up to keep them from freezing solid right there in their sockets & gets your nose running like a tap not tightened? Nice, right?
I prefer to muck out winter stalls after lunchtime, when the apples are frozen & the pee pops up off the rubber mats in chunks when I scratch at the edge of an icy puddle. I am also glad to have a cheery little woodstove in the house to welcome me back inside after cleaning the barn.
One of our great-nephews asked me once if 'frozen horse apples' would be good for making cider... Umm, no kinda cider that -I- would want to drink, I told him.
In 4Shoes country, 'bundling' has exactly squat to do with your TV & internet service.
Wherever you are, here's hoping that you're staying warm & dry.


  1. Burr, that's cloder than I like. We are only getting down in the teen's here.

    1. Believe me, it's colder that I like too.
      Still, I have to give thanks for El Nino, because in a normal winter the weather is this cold & a LOT colder for long stretches at a time.

  2. That is crazy cold. I know what you mean about global warming--what global warming? We had a couple warm years, but we're back to normal here, too.

    1. They call this the Great White North for good reason. There have been many times that I've wondered how my husband talked me into leaving my mild climate & moving here; must be Love is I can come up with. ;-)

  3. It chinook end here but now they're forecasting snow again...glad we don't calve until April.

    1. God knows I love me a Chinook (actually being from close to your part of the country), but the winds here are straight up from Father Winter - damned cold & strong.
      Looking forward to baby pics on your blog come April - any kind of baby kind of steals my heart. <3


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