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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Trading a Shetland for a Shire

The 4Shoes has been in need of a tractor since we moved onto the place; hard to believe that we have actually gotten by using a 4-wheeler as a workhorse. Following that analogy, we've had a Shetland pony doing the work of a team of Shire draft horses for a lot of years.
Shire horse, Jake, meets Truffles the Shetland Pony packing his friend Max.

BigBear has hauled the manure wagon, pulled logs out of the bush & stumps out of the ground, plowed snow (& many more things that it was never built to do), in addition to fulfilling all the duties that a recreation vehicle is meant to do.
What in THE hell? was my question. Answer: Boys will be boys. Just like his smile, some days live on forever. 
Everyone who comes out to the 4Shoes wants to play with BigBear -- the 4 wheeler fun factor has been immeasurable no matter what time of the year, & we have definitely gotten every penny's worth of value & delight out of that quad!
Another unforgettable day featuring a snow ramp, an inner tube, a tow rope, & BigBear's pony power.
As of yesterday, BigBear is retired from Shire horse wanna-be to full time Shetland pony-quad who has honestly earned his place in the equipment shed for the rest of his days. I really hope that we get to enjoy BigBear for a long time yet; there are many more adventure loving great-nephews & nieces wanting to make their own treasured memories of 4Shoes Farm family fun in the years to come.
Notice Manic supervising the job. DeliveryMan said, "What is she?" I told him, "She's my doorbell."

Introducing Kubby, the new Shire horse of the 4Shoes. Yes, I hung that big bow on him before Mr. Shoes laid eyes on his birthday present. That was the biggest cheque I've ever written, & I think I'm safe to say that this will count as covering more than one birthday. In fact, this one probably covers all the rest of both of our birthdays combined. Worth it.
The smile on his face is the same as Boot sported above; guess you'll have to take my word for it.

Mr. Shoes has been busy reading his new owners manual & already today announced his intention to co-opt the unused part of our barn for his new equipment shed. He plans to rip out my 2 empty stalls, possibly build a floor to ceiling wall to "keep the dust off his Kubby", & he'll definitely pour a cement parking pad in there.
God love him, because I sure do. Just ask the dealership.


  1. We love our Kubota and could not do without it.

    1. It's a definite step up in horse-power for us.
      Heh heh... horse power.
      I crack myself up.

  2. Pretty nice birthday present. I know you'll enjoy it.

    1. Oh yes. Kubby is going to make our lives infinitely easier on the 4Shoes.


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