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Friday, 26 February 2016

Ehhhh, What's Up Doc?

We've been talking about raising meat rabbits for a while & now seemed a good time to get started. We decided to set them up inside the 4Shoes Sugar Shack. It was a piece of cake for Mr Shoes & his new tractor to plow out the snowbank & clear a nice wide path for easy access to the door. He made sure to point this out to me, completely vindicating the purchase.

The main floor of the Shack was packed. Gardening stuff, a couple of spare doors, a whack of reclaimed windows, an old air hockey game, 3 of the earliest ever made television sets, & other assorted treasures completely cluttered the front room.
Manic scouted ahead & reckoned as there was plenty of room to shift some of the stuff upstairs to the second floor. Easy for her to say....
This is the staircase: a tiny landing 3 steps from the bottom, then a tight turn & straight up. Yes, the steps really ARE  as steep as they appear, & that IS a trapdoor at the top that will fall & smack you in the head if you forget to latch it up.
With me @ the bottom handing up to Mr Shoes, we managed to move a lot of the "I've got a project in mind for that", & the "better keep that just in case we need it someday", & the "don't you dare throw that away" stuff into the second floor.
Out of a pair of free entertainment units, Mr Shoes made a large & pimped out hutch for the does with 6 different levels & lots of cozy hidey holes, all of which are totally accessible through big doors on either side of this Bunny Burrow.
Construction on the buck hutch, Floki's Kingdom, continues. In the meantime...

Floki is quite comfortable in this large dog cage until he can take delivery of his new home. This cage is about 4 times the size of the commercial cage he was born into & shared with 3 of his littermates until a couple of days ago. They must all have been baby bucks because, even though they are only 3 months old, the other 3 bunnies all had bites marks on the tops of their ears & one even had a little chunk out of his nose too.
Of the 4 in the pen, Floki stood out because he was the only one with red & sable spots. He is also the only one with no battle wounds - I'm thinking he's a tough bunny. However, he is easy to catch & appears to enjoy being handled & petted.
Doe #1 is Siggy. In a pen with other jet black littermates, as soon as the door opened Siggy stuck her head under the RabbitMan's hand to be picked up. I didn't see any wounds or signs of fighting amongst the girls in her pen at all.
Doe #2 is a little bit shy & takes full advantage of all the safe, quiet spaces in the Burrow, but she is easily tempted out with a bit of spinach or bread & she does not resist when I go to catch her. And with that, the 4Shoes rabbitry is up & running.
Manic MinPin has been banished from the Sugar Shack (because she's a nutter) & is clearly frustrated. I swear that she tries to drill a hole in the back of my head glaring @ me from the window as I walk across the yard to the Shack, & I can hear her barking out, "I helped you clean out the Shack, you're being unfair to me, I just want to sniff them a little bit! This is TOTALLY some kinda bogus BULLSHIT!" Despite her outrage, I remain unfazed by Manic's reasoning & false promises. *Manic is not hurt in any way; she is wearing part of a sock just to keep her ears warm.


  1. That was ingenious! Very cool reuse of that shelf. So, you're going to eat those bunnies someday? ;) Kind of looks like you're getting attached.

    1. I'll have these 3 for some years (barring any unforeseen problems), it is their offspring that will be helping to fill our freezers.
      My responsibility to any of our meat animals is to see that their needs are met abundantly, they are all treated kindly, & that they live happy & natural lives (that commercial meat animals do not enjoy).

      The optimal time to butcher rabbits is 10-12 weeks old; I won't be calling those guys any names but 'Bunny' & my menfolk will take care of the unpleasant necessities.
      Their job is to make sure that the animals are not fearful ahead of their deaths, & to make the dispatches as quickly & as humanely as possible.

      Then we all Give Thanks that we are able to feed our family (& extended family) delicious, natural & organic meat.

    2. I think it's much more noble than buying anonymously. They have good lives and you have an appropriate level of thankfulness. I've thought about doing the same thing with a cow.

    3. Economics is the true root of our ventures.

  2. Dear Mrs Shoes, you do stuff I would like to do exact the way I would like to do it and to talk about it. So, in this case I don't have to do it. But Alexander and I would like to join you with the delicious, natural and organic meat. Chapeau!

    1. We are like-minded then! I would certainly share if we didn't live on separate continents.

  3. We have an old house in our "other" yard...we call it treasure island...it has all sorts of stuff in it that is too good to throw out and not good enough to use here....I dread the day but we really should reporpose it.

  4. Since shabby-chic has become fashionable I have enjoyed making all kinds of cool stuff out of what some people would call junk. I love my Shack because it has 'character'!


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