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Monday, 11 April 2016

Believe What You See

"Bullying is an act of repeated aggressive behaviour in order to intentionally hurt another person, physically or mentally. Bullying is characterized by an individual behaving in a certain way to gain power over another person."
"Get a thicker skin" is something a Bully says when, having been made completely aware of the hurt being caused, they want the Victim to understand that: 1. their feelings do not matter, 2. the Bully has no intention of stopping, & 3. the Bully is enjoying knowing that they are doing damage.

“When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time."  ~Maya Angelou


  1. I've never understood people who bully others. Maybe it makes them feel better about themselves in some way. On the other hand why would you feel good by making someone else feel miserable or frightened. It doesn't make sense.

  2. Maybe some people are just mean-spirited.

  3. I don't understand bullying either. I guess it's a way to feel powerful. Every once in a while I get one in the office, but I stand my ground pretty firmly and they always back off.

  4. I'm picturing you as Calamity Jane or one of the other 'strong historical women of the West' Linda: you are mounted on Cowboy, wearing fringed chinks, & with your hand draped casually over the butt of your 6-shooter.

    1. Ha! I do carry a gun, so it's not far off. Horses have taught me to protect my boundaries--with people.

    2. If you tell me it's a 6-shooter pistol with a bone grip, I'm gonna plotz.


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