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Friday, 29 April 2016

That New Calf Smell

Springtime on the farm is one of the most exciting of seasons, because... BABIES!! These 2 little gals were born not too far from here & will join us here @ the 4Shoes when they are weaned in the fall.
At only a few days old, Little BeBop is full of personality. She drains her first-time Mom dry & asks for more; she was trying to nurse other cows too, so she is being supplemented & comes a-running when she hears her name! 

Little Rosie is cute as can be &, at  2 weeks old, she already thinks she has a future as the 4Shoes 'Old Bossie" Time will tell.

And there you have it - a small window on the future of the 4Shoes.
Haha, 'small window'... Miniature Herefords... Get it?
Wow, tough crowd today. 
I think I'm funny; sometimes that's all I have to go on.
Stay real Y'allz!


  1. I haven't had the honor of experiencing new calf smell, but they sure are cute! Give them a hug for me.

    1. Imagine the smell of warm milk.....

  2. I also haven't had the honor of smelling calves, but I've seen quite a few born from a distance. Yours are precious. I might have to get one someday.

    1. Calves are like peanuts, hard to have just one.

  3. I didn't even realize they were miniature until I saw the bull, he's tiny! I like the "name" tags, ours are not as lucky, they just have numbers. And thanks for all the great comments on my blog.

  4. Crispin is just barely a year old now, so he has a little growing left to do, & he should mature between 900-1000.
    We chose miniature Herefords because of their smaller impact on the land that they graze & their higher dress-out %s.
    The numbered tags are required by law & identifies the farm of origin; the breeder added names to the tags. BeBop will keep the name they gave her; the other one, (Annabelle) has been rechristened 'Rosie'.
    The bull is registered & we were able to have input on his name; 'Crispin' is an olde English word that means 'shoemaker'.


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