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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Barn Wrecker

After a day of cold rain pissing down, Mr. Shoes put the horses up in the barn for the night.
First thing in the morning I went to do turnout, opened the tackroom door into the barn & looked straight into the innocent face of a big liver chestnut playboy. 
Blink. Blink.*Bats long eyelashes* "Who, ME? Oh...Nonononononono." So convincing, right?
 Evidently his stall latch was not completely thrown & buttoned down. A very naughty (but talented) Someone  picked his own lock & proceeded to have himself a little bit of fun...
Ripped the gate right off the hinges but was unable to reach the hay. 1/4 of a bin of pigfeed? Vanished without a trace.
Looks like he aimed for the cats' litter box..... the first time anyways. No shit, he left at least 8 piles in the aisleway & the straw storage area. Upside? His stall was pristine.


  1. Oh my, he certainly is very talented! At least his stall was clean ;)

    1. He can also untie fairly complicated knots; more than once I've come back to the rail & found his leadline hanging & he'll have the same innocent look on his face. He has also been known to untie other horses who may be less inclined to continue standing once their knot has been slipped... same innocent face.

  2. That's funny! Ours did that recently, and my husband was not happy with me. In our case, they opened a stall to the barn that opened into the whole turnout, so all the horses got in and ripped open grain bags and destroyed the barn.

  3. I can empathize! My big worry was that he ate all that pigfeed (it smells very yeasty?) & I watched him for signs of tummyache but, apparently, his stomach is made of cast iron.
    He also ripped up about 6 straw bales & left them strewn through the aisle, presumably because he was frustrated that he couldn't get to the hay (which is what he really wanted).
    I didn't even clean it up, just turned the horses out & preserved the scene to show Mr Shoes (who LAUGHED & LAUGHED until we were both laughing), then we cleaned it up together.

    I think anytime horses get into feed that they're not supposed to have that it's only natural to worry more about founder than the naughtiness easily remedied. This is the first time Mr Shoes has missed double checking the latch - I bet both of us become obsessive checkers now.


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