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Monday, 16 May 2016

Cabrini-Green; Colonel Sanders' Style

You may or may not remember, I once posted the truth about The Borg Chicken Collective while revealing a childhood trauma. Short version, chickens pretty much scare the shit out of me. Yeah, I said that.
I know some people love birds, but I wonder a little bit that anyone who doesn't admit to at least some feelings of unease around those beady-eyed, quietly plotting, winged crap machines might be full of something too. 
Resistance is futile...
This whole bird thing has had me doing manic loops for some time now. On the one hand, chickens are clearly diabolical. But on the other hand, so yummy. You can see my conundrum.
Mr Shoes has been plied with so many different versions of a chicken coop build... I think all my chatter had finally put him into half a literal coma on the topic, & you know the result = Inertia.
I can get a little frustrated when I think a project has drifted so far away from the planning & discussion stages that it has just come to a standstill. A HandyWoman would build the project all on her own. Lest there be any doubt, I am not particularly "handy".
Oh, I have enthusiasm to beat the band, but no notion of how to read plans, or any skill at all with power tools. I have, in fact, been expressly forbidden to play with the Misters' toys.
But I am a woman with a chequebook(!), & money will often do much to level the playing field. Armed with a mostly false sense of confidence, we drove out on a mother/son adventure & brought home 2 boxes which Boot then quickly assembled into low income housing for laying hens.
 Dorianne, Cara, & Ed in the 4Shoes' version of Cabrini-Green;  like The Projects, but for hens.
By now you'll have guessed that I have 'chickened out' on meat birds, at least for this year. When in doubt, dip a toe into the water first; this may be toe-dipping at it's finest.
Would you believe this little hen condo is advertised as adequate accommodation for 3-5 birds? More than 3 would clearly be over-crowding & could lead to violence amongst a population widely known to be volatile.
To avoid any kind of  Cabrini-Green situation, we will definitely be adding access to a larger run for these hard working gals.
The sooner the better, before Chicken Fight Club can take hold.
@ .42 cents an egg, only 713 more to go & I'll totally break even!!
P.S. Don't ever travel with a dog crate filled with 3 chickens in the backseat of your $50K car.
P.P.S. Don't ask me how I know that. Febreeze & Time is the only remedy for a mistake of that magnitude.
P.P.P.S This post is part of The Clever Chicks' Bloghop.

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