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Friday, 24 June 2016

Baby Bunny Video

MJ's litter is 14 days old now & each of them are redefining the word "cute". Sorry for the low light in the videos - the Sugar Shack has a lot of old oaks around the bunny room, which keeps the whole old house cool in the summertime but (even with the light tuned on) not great lighting for photos.
MJ herself has been a very good mother &, while she has been protective of her kittens, she has still been quiet enough to handle & does not worry much now when I scoop out the little ones for a quick  check over.
This next video shows MJ happily snacking while I poke around the hutch & take some pictures.
Floki has taken being a father quite in stride; because he is an agreeable fellow, oftentimes I allow him to hop around loose while I tend the hutches. He often like to hop into the bin underneath the spot MJ has chosen for the kits & reaches out to sniff at them from below - it's kind of funny.
This video is Floki; when I call him I make a little clicky noise that he hears all the time, but today (maybe because I was sitting on the couch taking pictures instead of close to him?) he found the noise threatening & thumped hard. If you have your volume on you should be able to hear - the second time he thumps hard again & then books it out of there like his tail's on fire. Hope you enjoy!


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    1. The biggest ones are now a full handful, eyes are almost completely open, & they are beginning to move their ears now.


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