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Monday, 17 October 2016

Sook Calves, Sook!

 How do you call in your cattle? My go-to summons is to call out, "Sook Sook, Calves! Sook sook!", as I rattle the pail full of groceries. A reader recently asked that I post some current photos of our Miniature Herefords.... your wish is my command.
Here is Crispin, the 4Shoes bull. Crispin is always a little bit horny.  Hahah, you see it, right? A little bit HORNy?
This heifer calf should have been christened Lucy, after Lucille Ball, because she's always up to something.

And here is Lucy's faithful sidekick, Ethel, who mostly just watches Lucy cause the trouble quietly, without joining in. 


  1. They're really very pretty cows. Love their coloring.

    1. I too think they are some nice looking moo's. Their deep russet red coats are handsome, & I think they're all plump enough going in to winter.

  2. Love the pictures! They look as though they have fur! Have a great day!

    1. They are pretty fluffy & the hair has definitely been thickening up ahead of the cold. Thanks for dropping by Vickie!


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