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Sunday, 25 December 2016

Kristmas Wish for Kaydance

Regular Readers will know (through this blog) about Baby Kaydance, the Canadian child of legally married Tasha Brown & Lauren Etchells. In the midst of court deliberations on a shared custody arrangement, Ms. Etchells abducted Kaydance (Violating Two Court Orders and incurring an additional serious charge of Parental Abduction), & fled to England. 
From England, Ms Etchells fled into Europe with Kaydance where she remains in hiding, depriving Ms Brown of her daughter for 8 months now. 
Ms Brown has missed so many important milestones in Kaydance's life already - her first real words, her second birthday, and now Christmas. 
Please Readers, find it in your hearts to share this video anywhere you can think of! Your video share may be the one to help end Kaydance's life in the shadows & bring Kaydance back home to her mother & family in Canada!
$10,000 Reward for information leading to Kaydance's return to Canada
To All of You from All of Us @ the 4Shoes

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