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Sunday, 1 January 2017

Feed Your Soul

"Alcohol is a diuretic (meaning it removes fluids from the body) so drinking too much can lead to dehydration. Dehydration is what causes many of the symptoms of a hangover." *source... Yeah, I'm just too lazy to look it up today
Much like drunkenness, there's no real cure for a hangover but time. If you can just sleep it off then you can skip most of the discomfort. Drink as much fluids as you can, pop a couple of tylenol & just fall back into bed. Eat when you get up, take a B12 & chill.
My own rowdy days are (mostly) in the past so no hangovers here, but I remember the days well enough to have some sympathy for those who did over-indulge last night (Slipper, Combat Boot - I'm looking at you & waggling my eyebrows).

Mr Shoes was working (essential services personnel don't get a holiday off unless it falls on their regular leave), so I was by my lonesome for new years eve, but I was too busy with my own rituals to be lonely.

Each December 31st, before the clock strikes midnight, I full-meal-deal clean my house... I'm talking spic & span, every little thing squared away. A relaxing shower follows the frenzy of cleaning, then fresh jammies. Every piece of garbage has to be outside the house before midnight as well; once it's all gathered I set it by the door, leaving one bag open a little in case I have a last minute toothpick or tissue. Just before 12 out it goes, & I feel a deep satisfaction.

It's not really about the cleaning & the garbage though, that is more just a tangible expression of my true intent. My ritual is more about cleaning my soul... if that makes sense to anyone but me. 

I wish to end each year by purging from my heart any anger or hard feelings that may have lingered, to rid myself of pain & sorrow, & to prepare myself to again welcome love from wherever & whomever it comes knocking. 
With fresh eyes every January 1st I do not see barriers, but only wondrous possibilities. My ritual re-energizes me so that I may greet the new year dismissing false limitations & believing in my ability to thrive. 

Some people are determined to carry their baggage forever; I may feel a little pity for them, but I cannot carry it with them. Maybe they fancy themselves martyrs, but to what cause I can't imagine.
I want to see all the ways that I can go - the peaceful country roads that I love, the winding paths that end up leading to nowhere, & the deer trails through the bush alike. 
I want to be unencumbered & free to choose whichever one pleases me... until it pleases me no longer, & then I just go in another direction. It may sound a little aimless & messy but, for me, all I wish to see is the wide open spaces, endless bounty, & beautiful horizons that feed my soul. 
 In 2017, Feed Your Soul, my Friends.
Feed your Soul.


  1. I love your outlook on the New Year. It's a wonderful way to look at the future. Beautiful picture, I would love to walk or ride down that lane and explore.

    1. Fall is my favourite time of year (why I chose this picture) & that is when I would choose to walk down this path in hopes of finding a lovely horse to ride at the end of it.

  2. What a wonderful way to look at it! I'll join you in cleaning house--emotional baggage I don't need for a good 2017!!

    1. Good for you Linda, sweep out the negativity & look for the light!

  3. Yes, I knew this way 'Cleaning means inside cleaning'. I know it's healthy when it starts, but I never did it on purpose! Great Idea!

    1. Well don't erect a pedestal for me yet Sabine, I only do it purposefully the one night a year. The rest of the year shit can kinda pile up....... but we're only on day 3 & so far so good. haha

  4. Wow! What a great idea. Not that I could manage it or anything, but still, totally awesome idea! May it be a fantastic year filled with adventure!


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