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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Oh Shit Moment

My rant fallout post (01/23/17) had a couple of comments about Jeremie from Purolator - Readers wanting to know what went down. I had written the actual rant 01/19/17 & comments are open to everyone*, so just read it, I first thought. 
Checking on it, I immediately saw the problem; the comments are gone, along with the entire rant... 
I had inadvertently deleted the post myself. 
Oh Shit.
I blame sleep deprivation (which is a whole separate post). 
If you missed my Purolator rant, don't worry; just imagine a couple of paragraphs, meaty with curses & frustration, & you'll have the gist... my usual ranting style. 
I posted the rant before supper about 5:30pm on Thursday... Jeremie commented on Friday @ 8:20am.
Wow, you guys. Just. Wow. If all customer service were so good, no one would have grounds to complain!

Mr Shoes & I sure got a giggle out of it though; we wondered how on earth(!) my little rant had come to Jeremie's attention in the first place? Of all the words thrown out into the web on any given day, it seemed incredulous to us that my insignificant little farm blog jumped off the www into Jeremie's face with only a single mention of the company name! 
Jeremie is On. his. Game. 
Purolator, are you listening?
Jeremie deserves a pay raise, straight up.
Shout out to Jeremie (cuz I know you're listening) - Thanks man.

"Hi Mrs Shoes,
I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience and frustration this may have caused. Purolator is a Canadian company with 2 contact centers located in Canada. If possible, please email us the phone number you contacted us from, as well as the dates and times, to customer.care@purolator.com and we will review the calls with the agents you spoke to. Please don't hesitate to contact us there if you have any other questions or concerns. 
Thank you, 
Social Media Coordinator/Customer Care Team, Purolator Inc."


  1. They are smart to guard their online reputation. I think more and more companies are hiring people to do just that. I know I watch ours like a hawk. We got a bad review once and it was completely bogus. The guy came in wanting a medical marijuana prescription so that his insurance would have to pay for his recreational use. When he didn't get it, he went right out and gave the bogus review. I found it and we new EXACTLY who it was, even though he used a cartoon character name--and my husband called him straight up! He took it down and apologized.

    1. Your hubby takes no shit. After you tell him about the shit, that is. ;-)

  2. Maybe they have a search always to see what is being said!

    1. Must do, but way beyond me; I can't even figure out how to fix my cookie issue!

  3. This made me laugh. Yeah, that's what a social media coordinator does. They try to fix what might hurt their company's reputation. I once wrote a positive review of a horse trainer, but a negative review of his online program, and it turned out that his webmaster was his brother. I heard from him right away. It turned out that the entire business was run by his family, and they were quick to come to each other's defense. I had hoped that the webmaster would take my comments to heart and make some positive changes, but he didn't. He still kept spamming me and doing a bunch of sleazeball marketing tactics, which was sad because his brother truly was a talented horse trainer and deserved better.

    1. Glad to report that Jeremie is not stalking me........ I don't think. Are you still out there Purolator Jeremie?


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