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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Barrier FAIL #2

How Mr Shoes viewed the security level of his new & improved barrier.
*highly unimpressed*
 "Surely you jest, Mr Shoes? Well okay then... Game ON!" 
"Hey, Mr Shoes, this is more what I envision as Nirvana in my mind..."
"But, in the meantime, I can totes work with this...
Hey now, don't go away mad, right?
*waggly eyebrows*
Just go away. That's right mister, back to your drawing board."
heh heh heh heh heh heh
*Don't you hate it when the little WiseAsses flat out snicker?*


  1. LOL- I need photos of the barricade that Mr. Shoes thinks is adequate. Video of the evil ponies thwarting him would be great too.

    Reminds me of the time that Ed decided to mow the paddock with the ride on lawn mower (the kind that runs on gas, not hay) and he ran out of gas in the middle. He wanted to leave it overnight and get gas in teh morning and asked me if it would be okay. I said 'it depends, were you wanting a new lawn mower?" He got gas that night. :D

    1. Hahaha, Ed made the right choice.
      Mr Shoes thought they would NOT rip the seat of his quad when he left it in the pasture one day to come in for coffee; I asked if he was kidding me. The seat is almost entirely made of cushion & duct tape now. Hahaha I laughed; Mr Shoes did not laugh.

      I woke up to them in the barnyard this morning, but after breakfast (that they did not need) & lunch, I left them alone til 5pm while I babysat the Practice-Grand. I expected to see them in the barnyard when I got home, but no, they were all innocently looking at me as if I am crazy.
      Probably waiting for cover of darkness, sly bastards...

  2. I've never seen animals that are the best escape artists like horses are. They get loose then run around like crazy. They don't know where their going but they're making good time. Until we come and rescue them and bring them back home safe ad sound . Good luck with the barrier!

    1. They only THINK it would be fun to be free. If they were to get out, the one place they would be frantic to get to, is back inside!

  3. Ha my horses are the worst escapers (except Jax he's good at it lol) I left the chain unlocked one night and next morning the gates were not even touched, they didn't look! Of course the way they wanna go to the pasture is locked up good cause we never go out that way

    1. These want into the barnyard FROM the pasture NOW... When I occasionally lock them IN the barnyard, then they just want back out to the pasture. Fickle ponehs.

  4. LOLOL. I am mentally substituting chickens, goats, and pigs for your horses. I can relate!


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