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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Eviction Notice

King Vole of vermin @ 4Shoes today. 
The rabbit house has been invaded by voles, which are also sometimes called 'meadow mice'. *sigh*  Dammit.
A vole has a shorter, blunt-tipped tail & smaller ears than a mouse. 
I do not think voles OR mice are cute, but I understand that they make excellent snake food. In the summertime, the enormous numbers of red-sided garter snake help keep vermin numbers down, but it is still a couple of months before the snakes come out of their dens.

I take a pretty common farm wife view of vermin - they are rodents & they must be destroyed before they over run the whole farm. This is not an over-reaction; voles & mice reproduce at similar rates - left unchecked, a population explosion is guaranteed. 

I know there are some folks with extra-tender hearts who think that vermin should be trapped & released... To those few, I'm sorry I cannot make this any easier for you; this afternoon I had to stomp a vole to death.
Exceptionally well fed barncat #1.

In the barn, vermin are kept under control by our 2 alarmingly large & vicious barncats. Super vicious if you're a leaky, 4-legged plague vector; otherwise they are just big, purring pussycats. 

Sometimes I go into the barn & find numerous dead voles, displayed with military-like precision in rows of 3's. 
Always rows of 3's. 
What's up with that?
Exceptionally well fed barncat #2.
Those boys want to remind me that they are always on the job. 
And, to fill their food bowl. 
For whatever reason, the cats do not eat the little turd-machines. I probably feed those cats entirely too well. Not probably, definitely. 
The boys have repeatedly volunteered to go 100% Full Metal Jacket on those beady-eyed moochers in the rabbit house, but I don't think Floki & his girls would be comfortable living in a military state, so that's not a real option. 

Super effective & easy to set.
This is the type of trap that we use; it's highly effective & usually results in a quick kill. The odd time there might be a bad catch; today's stomping victim was only caught by one leg, which it had mostly chewed off. 
I straight up mercied that little mofo.
No Z Nation fans out there?

If there are any PETA reps lurking: please remember I am talking about rodents here, not lab monkeys or endangered whales. I actually did read your article "Living in Harmony with Mice & Rats"A quote,"Mice and rats deserve our compassion and respect, so it’s essential that we use humane methods to solve perceived problems with them."
Um... Perceived problems?  You're kidding, right?
Pretty sure my perception is bang on here. 
The rabbit house is for rabbits, not vermin. Traps & desiccants are just effective tools in the eviction process. Also, get real & get a life - it's a mousetrap not a bloody harpoon. 
Or you could call the Intruder people, maybe picket their head office? Either way, I'm sure they'd be more than happy to listen to your solutions with a sympathetic ear. 
Or not.
Hey Mickey, good luck with that.
I'm not completely heartless - so long as the vermin stay out of my buildings, I leave them for the snakes & hawks & the many other creatures who haven't read the PETA article. 
But in the meantime, unless & until those vermin receive a shipment of helmets & body armour, it's all out war.

BTW, in case it's not clear: Better Mousetrap by Intruder is the BEST(!) mousetrap that we've ever tried & we highly recommend it. 
No, I did not get any free Better Mousetraps to say so. But I wouldn't turn them down either. Just sayin'... 


  1. I'm with you I hate the little buggers. My motto is "stay outside and you'll be fine,come inside your a$$ is mine"!

    1. Hahahahaha
      That goes for everything else too - insects, spiders, mice, etc. etc
      Stay outside where you belong & we all sleep easier.

  2. there is a balance that must be maintained which means that mice/rats/voles cannot be allowed to live freely in my house or barn. I wish that my cats were as good as yours but they are not. They do some killing but sometimes I think they catch the mice across the road and bring them to me to justify their existence. But perhaps I'm being unfair. :)

  3. Haha I am the same as long as they are outside who care but dont come inside. Our cat is a pretty good mouser (and gopherer?) and he is well fed as well and lets us know when he is absolutely starving! lol

    1. Maybe it's being well fed that has them kill so many - they're sport hunters! OMG, I hope PETA doesn't find out or they'll next be picketing my barn holding up signs that say "Sport Killing is WRONG even for Cats!"

  4. We don't have any cats but my dog is really good at chasing away anything that moves!

    1. Funny you should say that, because both of our crazy dogs also hunt & kill mice! Since poison is part of the eviction plan though, I won't let them help. The process is nearly over now.

  5. Ok, I will admit - I did not watch the videos :) Thank you for sharing this post at the #WednesdayAIMLinkParty. I pinned it

    1. Tender heart.... bless your soul.


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